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Solar Thermal-Geothermal Energy

Keep East Texas Green

Solar Thermal-Geothermal Energy

Since opening in 2020, we have aligned with members of Southern Methodist University's Geothermal Lab to study the potential of East Texas wells. We have applied the input of strategic consultants to our design modeling to enhance efficiency in a distributed energy resource. These models demonstrate continuous, rather than intermittent power production.

Distributed energy resources that can be installed include:

  • heat to power

  • thermal energy

  • heat to electricity

  • hydrothermal

  • geothermal batteries

  • solar parking panels

Like many innovations that are possible, it takes funding to develop and market prototypes. We are seeking investors who want to partner in our DER energy projects.

Synthetic Geothermal-Solar Thermal DER Project

Clearwater Reserves, LLC’s first proposal is for a novel synthetic geothermal-solar thermal distributed energy resource (DER) demonstration project to produce energy that can be scaled to 1 MWe production. As 120oF water travels over the Woodbine formation in East Texas, it is further heated before injection using efficient solar-thermal equipment. The injection well is used to store the hot water and is pumped out of the injection well to generate electricity when the sun isn’t shining. A full-scale continuous model includes daytime generated electricity from the solar thermal unit while simultaneously heating the pipelined water being stored for nighttime and seasonal use when no sun is available.

Led by Dawn Johnston, CEO of Clearwater and principal investigator, our project focuses on a conversion prototype; specifically, a single injection well will be repurposed for geothermal production via a “synthetic geothermal-solar” mechanism. Our demonstration will prove that synthetic geothermal power production (ultimately, up to 1 MW of electricity (.25 MW per well) is feasible by further heating hot, pipelined produced water, and storing and extracting it from an injection well to generate electricity at the surface. This allows for continuous 24/7 electrical production combining the geothermal and solar for production even at night or seasonally during cloudy days.

The DOE selected our proposal as an alternate for their geothermal grant opportunity called "Wells of Opportunity". We have many stakeholders hoping to have these small power plants installed in East Texas, but we need funding to test and develop the prototype.

Future Projects

Our projects will vary but our present aim is to develop profitable distributed energy resources (DERs), each with a small footprint. One MW is enough to power about 200 homes. DERs add resiliency to the grid and are sought after by utilities.

We are seeking investor funding to continue our projects. If you are an investor and are interested, please contact us to further discuss.

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