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About Clearwater Reserves, LLC

Clearwater Reserves' mission is to produce clean, reliable and profitable energy with a special interest in developing solar and geothermal resources. Located in the heart of East Texas, our business grows from a desire to keep both our communities and wild spaces pristine and beautiful while producing clean power. As a woman-owned business, we seek innovation grounded in diversity of thought and backgrounds to build a truly amazing energy future that all of us are proud to be a part of. Not only are we implementing well-tested solar energy solutions, we are also putting academic theory to work, providing geothermal testing opportunities to move geothermal energy technology forward.

Since opening in 2020, we have aligned with Southern Methodist University faculty and industry specialists to develop, own and operate utility-scale projects. Our business exists to develop clean energy for all communities, regardless of local socioeconomic factors. This includes solar generation power purchase agreements. Businesses looking for clean power to offset their carbon footprints will find a great partnership with CW Reserves within our solar panel parking canopy division. We also seek to build, test, and improve upon geothermal models on various scales to build efficiencies that make real progress in the mass deployment of geothermal energy. Our projects are not limited to East Texas, but we are willing to collaborate nationally and internationally.


At Clearwater Reserves, we welcome clients and partners that prize both sustainability and profitability, with an understanding that only through ongoing research and development of renewable energy will both goals be optimized. Please contact us today to discuss your solar, thermal, or geothermal energy project.

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Proud to be from Tyler, Texas. An East Texas Company.

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