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About Our Team

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Dawn Johnston


In addition to her years as an executive leader working with teams, Dawn has had the honor of working with talented partners on sustainability projects and ideas. As a willing collaborator, she assembles the people and resources necessary to reach the goal. Dawn has a great appreciation for diversity of thought and inclusive team behaviors that bring all great ideas forward to be considered.

Advisory Board

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Maria Richards

Southern Methodist University Geothermal Lab Coordinator

Maria Richards is an essential part of the team, and has been with Clearwater Reserves, LLC since the very beginning. Her industry knowledge and agile consulting has been a boon to our strategic direction. Maria has many years of experience in geothermal testing, consulting, and education.

Loy Sneary

President/CEO Gulf Coast Green Energy

Loy's experience in renewable energy is invaluable to the CW Reserves team. Loy's long history in renewable energy has enabled him to bring many heat-to-power projects to fruition in multiple countries.

George Alcorn

Administrator, Utica Resources

George Alcorn has longtime experience in the oil and gas industry, but his exploits in the area of geothermal energy production make him uniquely suited to advise the team at Clearwater Reserves, LLC.

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