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Clearwater Reserves

Sustainable energy assuring clean air and water in our communities.

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About Our Company

Clearwater Reserves' mission is to produce clean, reliable and profitable energy with a special interest in developing solar and geothermal resources. Located in the heart of East Texas, our business grows from a desire to keep both our communities and wild spaces pristine and beautiful while producing clean power.

We welcome clients and partners that prize both sustainability and profitability, with an understanding that only through ongoing research and development of renewable energy will both goals be optimized.

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Solar Panel Canopies

Solar Power Panels for Parking

Our innovative technology harnesses the power of the sun to provide clean, renewable energy for commercial and residential properties. Our solar parking canopies not only provide shade and protection for vehicles, but also generate electricity through photovoltaic panels, helping to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions right on developed land where the energy is used.

Solar Thermal-Geothermal Energy

Distributed Energy Resources for East Texas

Since opening in 2020, we have aligned with members of Southern Methodist University's Geothermal Lab to study the potential of East Texas wells. We have applied the input of strategic consultants to our design modeling to enhance efficiency in a distributed energy resource. These models demonstrate continuous, rather than intermittent power production.

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Latest Renewable Energy News

Committed to Diversity for Excellence

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are a part of our business model. Clearwater Reserves understands that better decision-making arises from collaboration with diverse groups of people working together for enhanced creativity and problem-solving.

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Our Team

Meet our Leadership Team

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